Hemp for Health is a woman-owned and run company producing high quality CBD products safe for everyday use.  Our mission is to empower our clients to find alternative methods for their comfort and relaxation, naturally.

Hemp for Health and its product line CBD for Every Day was created out of personal necessity.  Having arthritis in her thumbs unable to take pain medications due to allergies, Colleen began searching for an alternative to relieve the pain.  During this time, she stumbled upon CBD cream and found it worked great, but there was a very strong unpleasant odor which was not welcome.  The search for an unscented CBD product began, which proved more challenging than anticipated.

The search coincided with her marketing class where a product or service was to be created and fully explored.  This led to research on how to make her own CBD cream and CBD for Every Day Balm was born.

Our products are created for the right reasons out of a need for ourselves, our families and friends, and everything we do is sincere and done with heart.

Founder Information

Founder and Owner

Hemp for Health

As the owner and founder of Hemp for Health, I am proud to provide healthy and safe alternatives for your wellbeing.  Receiving an MBA from Bay Path University in October 2018, I am now fulfilling a dream of entrepreneurs everywhere – creating something useful and effective. 

The interest in hemp CBD has grown rapidly in the past few years and is expected to continue to rise.  The market is currently filled with many competitors, products, information and misinformation.  As the owner of this company, research and more research are key to staying on top of this fast-paced industry.  A big part of my mission is to find and share solid facts to keep our customers well-informed and educated on this wonderful gift from nature.

Ingredient Sourcing

At Hemp for Health, we appeal to health conscience adults striving to find natural remedies to improve their comfort and wellbeing.  We want our customers to seek out our products not only for their superior quality, but also because of their trust in us to continually deliver pure, effective alternatives safe for everyday use.

Our products will always have simple ingredients made of the highest quality.  All product testing is done by volunteers – never on animals.  We have our customer’s best interest in everything we do from the selection of ingredients to how our products are made.

We gladly use NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil in our products.  Their hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants are grown organically on farms in Colorado, and the oil is a whole-plant extract which contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.  It is not an isolate nor a synthetic blend.  Extraction is done by the CO2 method (no chemicals or heat used) which maintains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids in their CBD oil.  NuLeaf has each batch of oil tested with a third-party lab and the results will be provided when requested.  We encourage you to visit their website – https://nuleafnaturals.com/ – to learn more about this company and their products.

Our other ingredients are sourced from respected well-known companies, and we will always strive to use organic products whenever possible.

Testing and Results

testing and result

In order for us to claim our products are superior in quality, we use the services of ProVerde Labs in Milford, Massachusetts to test and analyze each batch for CBD potency and bacteria/yeast/mold.  The results of these tests will be available upon request to further ensure your trust in us to continually deliver pure and effective products safe for everyday use.


- C.C.

“About a month ago I slipped on ice sprained my ankle and messed up my foot. I could not move my ankle without shooting pain and had a hard time walking. My ankle almost immediately doubled in size. I used your balm before I went to bed. The next morning, I had minimal swelling and almost no pain. By the second day, my ankle was back to normal! Amazing!”

- S.C.

“I carry stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. They get very sore and tight, so I massage the Balm into my skin to relieve that soreness. It works great, and I really like the fact that it doesn’t have a lingering smell. I keep a jar at work on my desk.”

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